NH Real Estate

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NH Real Estate

Jesse Davies specializes in NH Real Estate. Servicing all the needs of buys and sellers of the following New Hampshire counties with a level of professionalism and humor rarely found:

  • Belknap County
  • Carroll County
  • Cheshire County
  • Coos County
  • Grafton County
  • Hillsborough County
  • Merrimack County
  • Rockingham County
  • Strafford County
  • Sullivan County

Take a look at our special NH Real Estate Properties

New Hampshire For Sale By Owner

Jesse Davies is a leader in helping For Sale By Owners in New Hampshire get more money for their home! NH Realtors specialize in the resources to get you started and to attract the best home buyers with our premium services. We can guide you all the way through to closing.

Maybe you have some experience and you want to cut out an experienced NH realtor. That is fine, but why take on all the extra hard work? Let us help you with your New Hampshire For Sale By Owner and show you step by step on how to go through the home selling process with simplicity and success!

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Jesse Davies is a NH Real Estate Pro who embodies warm yankee ingenuity & practicality.

leading new hampshire real estate

Let the Lead Keller Williams Agent show you the way to sold. Since you want to sell your house for the most possible money, under the best possible terms for yourself, find out how Jesse's unique selling process makes him different (and better) than other ways to sell.

Get in touch with me to receive our paperback book or to talk to me about my strategy to sell your house fast and efficiently:

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A Few of Our NH Real Estate Listings

We work hard to provide the most beautiful imagery and descriptions for each New Hampshire property we list.

"Who else wants a proven Realtor that can attract the best buyers to SEE AND BUY your home?"


You deserve much more than a sign in the yard, fliers in a box, and the occasional open house. You deserve an agent and team who will be at your side, from listing or house hunting to closing. We’ll take the time to listen, understand your challenges and goals, and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Get in touch:

Jessie put our house on the market summer of 2016 and it was on the market for many many months. Through him, his photographer and Keller Williams, we had over 40 showings. With the other agent we used prior to Jessie, we had the house on the market for the same amount of time (many many months) and ONE showing was generated. It should be noted that our house was on the market with the other agency during the same peak season as it was with Keller Williams. I feel it is because of the volume of showings generated by Jessie that our old, small, in need of work and very near Rt.11 FINALLY sold.

Jesse Davies is a highly motivated, well-informed real-estate agent. He offered us access to all of the latest technology available to market our home. Jesse walked us through the entire process with a high level of expertise, and explained each detail in an easy to understand style. He is a very caring individual who pays close attention to detail.

I can't say enough to thank Jesse and emphasize the incredible value he brought to my recent house buying experience. He was extremely knowledgeable of the market, the home buying process and details to look at when seeing a home or putting in an offer. He was an incredible ally when it came to negotiating with the seller and making sure that our needs were met. But the best part is that he is just an all around good guy, he does not come across as a salesmen and is very trustworthy and confidence inspiring. As we went through the process he felt more like a friend and advisor that real estate Agent. I would highly recommend working with him

About Us

The Jesse Davies team was started by lead agent Jesse Davies. We believe everyone should be able to take part in the joy of living in a home where they can raise a family, rest on the weekends, grow old with their spouses, and build their financial future.

Our mission is to create opportunities for others, and provide value in every step of the process. We focus on delivering world-class service to our clients through our attention to detail (listening to your wants and needs), knowledge of the industry and overall enthusiasm for success, ensuring that you find the home of your dreams.

Customer Care

Keller Williams was rated the #1 Real Estate Franchise on the 31st annual Franchise 500 List by Entrepreneur Magazine, and the #1 training company across all industries.

The Jesse Davies Team strongly believes that customers always come first, and we always strive to create the best customer experience.  Our team has a systematic approach so you always know what’s going on with your purchase or sale. We subscribe to the Keller Williams Belief System in everything we do.


Our extensive market knowledge, and active prospecting techniques allow us to get our sellers an average of 2.6% more than other agents, which means thousands of dollars more in your pocket. We work aggressively to find our buyers their dream property, often finding properties before they hit the market. We are a full service team that will be by your side throughout the entire transaction, ensuring that your sale or purchase happens smoothly and that you’re left with the most amount of money possible in your pocket.


As the #1 training company across all industries, Keller Williams provides us with the most cutting edge technology and education, allowing us to be one step ahead of our competition. Our local real estate market expertise means we’re able to interpret all data that dictates the optimum pricing strategy for our sellers, so that your property will be priced to sell. We use this same strategy with our buyers to ensure that you’ll never pay more than what the property is worth.


The Keller Williams Belief System

WIN-WIN: or no deal
INTEGRITY: do the right thing
CUSTOMERS: always come first
COMMITMENT:  in all things
COMMUNICATION: seek first to understand
CREATIVITY: ideas before results
TEAMWORK: together everyone achieves more
TRUST: starts with honesty

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